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Ign: Bartok lvl 59

Game is 10/10, get the app if you ever confused. Ign: Bartok lvl 59 159+ might. Treasure hunter. Guild: BWPanda. Or search for my gunslinger: Bart0k lvl 31


Thanks for the guides


This seems helpful. One problem though. How the HELL are we supposed to get the gifts when only half the keyboard shows up?

Great app and interface.

New or old to the game, this is definitely something any active Taichi Panda player should have. Come find me on TP, U.S. Server Seal, Sinners_Vee! <3

Room for improvement

Guide for the game is certainly needed and this is a start. Resolution could be much better. I can't get the gifts because the screen is filled with only half a keyboard so how do I type? The guide lacks details in the descriptions. It seems more intent on promoting the game than actually addressing user issues and providing details.

Must have!

This app is a must have for any Taichi Panda player! Great design!

Great app

The app is very helpful. Only problem I have is receiving the gift. I get an "please enter a valid CDKEY!"

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